Dragon Bowl series

The "Dragon Bowl" series was inspired by tuition from Nick Agar and a demonstration on colouring by Mark Sanger.

Made from English Ash, the texturing is created using a mini grinder with attachments developed by Nick Agar for King Arthur Tools. After marking out, the initial lines are cut with a tungsten carbide flat cutting disc then softened with sanding discs fixed to a rigid backing pad. Colouring is applied then finally the inside of the bowl is turned and finished.

Fire Dragon
Designed to represent the colours of a fire dragon.
There are twice as many radial cuts with pyrographed and gold highlighted sections to represent fire and the dragon's scales.
This piece was selected as one of the top 50 at the 2018 AWGB International seminar.

Two variations of "Purple Dragon".
This one has a base colour of purple then highlighted with bronze and gold.

This version of "Purple Dragon" has a base colour of black as for "Green Dragon" and is highlighted by metallic red and purple.

Experimenting with developments to the Dragon series.
Red Dragon made from English Sycamore.

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